The Print Cart is a mobile screen printing cart designed for Crystal Bridges to You Mobile Art Lab for artist-led printing workshops at community events around Northwest Arkansas. The rolling cart collapses into a compact rectangular volume for transport and expands to include two presses, material storage, a shade umbrella and artwork display system. The colorful hand-painted graphics play with ideas of overlay and registration found in screen prints.
The Print Cart
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
CB to You Mobile Art Lab
Bentonville, Arkansas

Partners: Jessica Colangelo and Charles Sharpless
Client: Crystal Bridges to You Mobile Art Lab
CB to You Team: Sara Segerlin, Danielle Hatch, Lucero Aguirre, Kim Crowell 
CB to You Artist Consultant: Junli Song
Fabricator: Somewhere Studio
Fabrication Assistant: Sarah Myane
All Photos © Somewhere Studio and Crystal Bridges to You Mobile Art Lab