Patchwork Pantry is a small piece of urban furniture for the free distribution of food and goods to those in need. The pantry is conceived as a patchwork quilt that turns the traditional pantry cabinet into a stacked landscape of treasures and discoveries. The project celebrates the variety of objects that a free pantry might distribute with its many different shelving configurations, openings and doors. Constructed of angle iron, metal plates and expanded metal mesh, the project’s construction logic is similar to that of a lawn-and-garden trailer. The faceted aesthetic and painted metal construction intend to create a long lasting sculptural contribution to the street-scape that transcends the utilitarian essence of the project.
Patchwork Pantry 
Little Free Pantry
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Partners: Jessica Colangelo and Charles Sharpless
Client: Crisis Brewing
Community Liason and Installation Coordinator: Renata Shelton
All Photos © Somewhere Studio