Emory Park Houses is a 27-unit missing middle housing development on a two-acre site in a rapidly transforming West Dallas neighborhood. The project seeks to balance density and scale while responding to adjacent building fabric of historic houses and recent housing developments.

The houses are arranged in four rows across the site, each house footprint is shifted on its lot so that the spaces of neighboring side yards are clustered and woven throughout the development to punctuate the streetscape. Acknowledging the pedestrian scale of the surrounding neighborhood, all the perimeter houses are oriented outward with generous entry porches. The exterior design reinterprets familiar residential details such as gabled roofs, clapboard siding and window awnings. Lifted above the street on the second floor, the living space of each house features an open plan and cathedral ceiling that is daylit by a unique picture window placement.
Emory Park Houses
Dallas, Texas

Awards & Presentations: 
Dallas Builders Association, 2022 Builder Neighborhood of the Year

Site to Interior: Identity and Collectivity in Multifamily Housing, Interior Design Educators Council Conference, 2022


Partners: Jessica Colangelo and Charles Sharpless
Client: Centre Living Homes
Contractor: Centre Living Homes
Structural: P-Delta Engineering Team
Interior Design: Jenna Williams
Landscape: Southern Landscaping and Irrigation
Project Assistants: Sloan Aulgur, Samantha Garrett
Site Model Builders: Shiloh Bemis, Jessica Fraley
Photography: Leonid Furmansky