The Emory Park Houses is a 27-unit shared access development in West Dallas on a two-acre tract within a few miles of the city’s downtown core. The project seeks to achieve a contextually sensitive solution to the increased density necessary to meet the rising demand for housing in American cities by focusing its attention on generous interior and exterior spaces, restrained detailing and the strategic siting of each individual house.

The project site is organized into four rows of 1,800-SF single family houses running east to west. Houses are shifted within the property boundaries to allow for small private yards, increased natural daylight and to create visual porosity across the development. The house’s exterior design reinterprets familiar residential details such as gabled roofs, clapboard siding and window awnings. The exterior is clad with three widths of off-the-shelf horizontal cement board lap siding, creating a visual gradient moving up the facade and providing texture through the varying densities of shadow lines. Porches and overhangs at the ground level are clad in wood siding and metal window boxes and roof eaves shade the large openings and animate the exterior with changing shadows throughout the day.
Emory Park Houses
Dallas, Texas
Ongoing Construction, 2022

Awards & Presentations: 
Dallas Builders Association, 2022 Builder Neighborhood of the Year

Site to Interior: Identity and Collectivity in Multifamily Housing, Interior Design Educators Council Conference, 2022

Partners: Jessica Colangelo and Charles Sharpless
Client: Centre Living Homes
Contractor: Centre Living Homes
Project Assistants: Sloan Aulgur, Samantha Garrett
Site Model Builders: Shiloh Bemis, Jessica Fraley
Photos of Model Home, Credit: Centre Living Homes